sihost.exe Shell Infrastructure Host High CPU Usage and Stop Working Error

What is com surrogate

sihost is part of Windows, developed by Microsoft Inc. It’s a system process, it’s safe to use.

Shell Infrastructure Host is a critical core Windows component. Stop or delete it will cause windows can’t start up or run properly. It handles several graphical elements of the Windows interactive interface including taskbar transparency and Start menu. sihost.exe located in C:\Windows\System32 folder, which contain most important system files for Windows.

com surrogate has stopped working error

Com surrogate has stopped working error message

when you browse website or run certain software on Windows 10 / Windows 8 or Windows 7 , you may got follow error message

Com Surrogate has stopped working
Windows can check online for solution to the problem

-> Check online for solution and close the program
-> Close the program

View problem details

Pop-up error message for com surrogate

You can click “close the program” to continue, however, it will show up later.

Solution for Com Surrogate has stopped working

It’s very hard to tell why this error happened. If you want to find out exactly the reason of this error, follow these steps.

Get the mini dump of the error. Mini dump doesn’t contain full crash information, but it contain enough information for basic debugging. Download mini dump explorer, and reproduce the crash. DON’T close the error message, run mini dump explorer to generate a dump file. Download WinDbg, set symbols path to Microsoft and analytic the dump file you generated with mini dump explorer. After analytics, find “->” point to which file. Write down the file name, this file crashed the dllhost.exe and com surrogate stopped working. However, you can’t just delete this file. Best solution is find out which program or driver this file belong, reinstall the program or driver.

If you don’t want spend lot of time on it, just want to fix the error. You can try to reinstall or update your sound and video driver. Most error occurred because video or sound driver out-of-date or corrupted.

Com Surrogate High cpu usage

One major problem it cause is high cpu usage, used over 70% of cpu or even more, 100% cpu usage. It will make you Windows extremely slow, and cpu temperature go sky high. It will seriously damage your OS system and hardware.

First thing first, you need to run maintenance task to make sure all files related to Shell Infrastructure Host is not corrupted. Go to control panel > Troubleshooting > System and Security, click Run maintenance task button.

If the issue persists, perform Clean boot starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs, so that you can determine whether a background program is interfering with your game or program.

To perform “clear boot”, you need to login Windows with “administrator” account.

Here is how to check if your account is administrator account:

Go to Control Panel > Settings  > Accounts  > Family & other users, select your account name, then select Change account type. Under Account type, if it is Administrator you account is “administrator account”.

Press windows button, and type msconfig. If you run Windows old version, you need to press Windows button, click run and type msconfig and run the command.

System Configuration Dialog

Go to Service tab on the System Configuration dialog box, select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click Disable all. Click Save to save all the changes.

Click Startup tab on the top of the System Configuration dialog box, click open task manager. Click startup tab, select each startup item then click disable. Click “save” to save all the configuration changes.

Reboot your computer check cpu usage again.

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