prevNext MODX Extras Add-on

What’s prevNext MODX add-on?

PrevNext is a very useful add-on for web developer. If you want to show more than one page resources, you can easily show previous and next with this add-on. Of course you can do it yourself, but with prevNext, you can save a lot of time, and let it do the hard job for you.

prevNext is created by goldsky, the latest version is 1.0.1.

What’s MODX add-on?

MODX is a award winning open source content management system, you can make website or web application base on it. It’s easy to use, search friendly. It’s written in PHP, you could install in on any platform support php.

Because it is opensource platform, everyone can edit it according their needed. And tons of people develop add-ons and share it on Internet. You can download the add-on, and install it make your MODX more powerful without coding.

How to download prevNext?

You can download the prevNext at MODX add-on download page, there is the link:

For you convenience, you can download the file by click here


Install add-ons for MODX is quite simple, after you download the add-on file on you computer, right click the file and choose install.

you can also install it via package management. Go to the back office of MODX, then go to extras -> installer, click the download extra button, you can download and install prevNext here.

How to show previous and next?

Like a magic, simple code:


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