ad-anm.dll – safe or not

Currently we don’t have too many information about ad-anm.dll, it developed by Festo didactic, file size is about 86016 Byte or 86KB.

However, according to its name, it may relate to adware, which will automatically download and display advertise without get permission. If some advertise pop-up for no reason, you may have spyware on your system. It may slow you computer, redirect the link of website, change your homepage, crash your browser, install some software on your computer without let you know.

If you believe you got adware on your computer, DO NOT make any payment on it or login to your online account, for example, your game or email account. Change all password with another computer or your cellphone. Scan your computer with anti-spy software. Microsoft offer free Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) you can download here. Scan your computer immediately after install MSRT.

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