Acresso Software Manager Information

What’s Acresso Software Manager?

Acresso software manager is part of PaperPort, a document manage system (documents like pdf for exampe) developed by Nuance Software. Paperport can help you scan, converting different document format(docx,pdf,html etc. ), organizing, assembling and sharing documents and photos on your PC or on you mobile device. If you installed PaperPort Image Printer, Nuance PaperPort or Nuance PDF viewer plus, acresso software manager will installed and run while windows startup. If you uninstall these programs, it will uninstalled with them. It need to access internet, for check and download updates purpose.

Acresso software manager located in c:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\11\ISUSPM.exe, it will keep you PaerPort up to date. It will check new version, download and install it automatically for you. It’s ok to stop the process, press “control+alt+del”, go to task manager, select this process and click stop button.

Relate error

>> If you registered Paperport, but registration reminder windows still keep pop-up, you can try to disable acresso software manager and ereg services. Run msconfig command, and click startup tab, uncheck the ereg or ssEreg, save the change and reboot your computer.

>> When you install or uninstall Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you may see error message like this:

Files in Use: Some file that need to be updated are currently in use

The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these applications and click Retry to continue.

Acresso Software manager (Process ID: 5166)

Error message for Dragon NaturellySpeaking

Press “Ignore” to continue the installing or uninstalling, or you can press “ctrl+alt+del”, choose acresso software manager process and click “End task” button.

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