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seehcri.sys - Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications


File name:    seehcri.sys

Author:Sony Ericsson Mobile Communica...

Production:seehcri Device

Version:    1.01

File Size:27632byte

Discovered:2009-2-2 16:00:05

MD5:   E5B56569A9F79B70314FEDE6C953641E

Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

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written by katraska, October 16, 2009
This driver is not compatible with Vmware. If you use seehcri, a virtual usb device is installed and usb ports at virtual machines will not work.

moreover, i have not found the way to uninstall this driver
written by James, October 17, 2009
I arrived here in hopes of figuring out if this was causing my VMWare issues.

Seems to be the case.

Uninstall? Simple. Just DELETE the damn file. system3driversseehcri.sys

Wish I knew how to keep the damn thing from starting up... but it's literally making interrupt requests every 100th of a second from what I can see despite nothing being plugged in and its host program not even running!!
written by Kevin, October 31, 2009
I had the same problem, but finally sucessfuly removed the SE PC Suite and the seehcri device.

After you deleted the seehcri device and the seehcri.sys, you have to delete all of the usb root hub devices, because the Sony Ericsson driver fucked it up.

written by Jvebiao, November 15, 2009
I had the same problem and it was fixed, thanks James and Kevin, your comments are very helpful
written by Goytá, December 19, 2009
Recent Windows 7 Home Premium install here. I have a Windows XP Pro virtual machine on VMware Player 3.0 for a handful of legacy incompatible apps I have to use for my work (otherwise most everything works great and I love Windows 7!). Then USB access by the virtual machine stopped working suddenly and mysteriously. All VMware services were running, including USB Arbitration (which appears to be VMware's most sensitive component: on Windows 7, it has to be set as "Automatic [Delayed Start]" to be correctly started).

It took me a long time and a thorough examination of Windows Event Log (something that became more difficult since Vista, with so many new separate logs) to find out that seehcri.sys was causing the problem. It was not signed and it took me some Web searching to find out that it was a Sony Ericsson module. Indeed, I have a K550i and had installed Sony Ericsson PC Suite 6.0 shortly before problems started, but I didn't associate both things, because I didn't use the virtual machine immediately afterwards and had installed a few other things in between.

Removing seehcri.sys was not easy. Uninstalling the PC Suite keeps the driver there, and Revo Uninstaller doesn't detect it as a leftover. Just deleting the file keeps causing errors, because the system expects it to be loaded (and may even restore it from Shadow Copies).

I only managed a complete uninstall when I used Autoruns to delete the driver's entry from the modules to be loaded at system startup. Autoruns is a SysInternals utility you can download from Microsoft. It lists in detail and allows you to disable absolutely everything that loads with the system, including obscure system modules you never heard of. It shows hundreds of entries, in different tabs according to type.

Now there was a problem: how was I to transfer files and backup my phone's address book without the Suite? BlueSoleil can do most of what the Suite does, but it's paid software, doesn't backup the address book and is limited to those phone models with Bluetooth (which my K550i has, but not all models have).

The solution was to install the PC Suite on XP, inside the virtual machine. It works like a charm. But both Sony Ericsson and VMware should post clear warnings that their software is incompatible (ideally, when installing and detecting the other, though that might perhaps be asking too much), and Sony Ericsson should fix that ASAP.
written by walter, February 13, 2010
I found an entry in some vmware forums whith the following info:
VMware can be directed to ignore USB checking via a registry hack in the hosts OS (Windows):
In "HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServiceshcmon" create a new key with name "Parameters", within this key add a new DWORD value named "DisableDriverCheck" and set it's value to 1.

hth, walter
written by walter, February 13, 2010
Sorry, the backslashes were deleted from the registry value, trying again:
written by walter, February 13, 2010
does this work??
written by Yury, February 19, 2010
Thanks, Walter - it works.
written by randommagic, March 08, 2010
I had this same issue.
This is what I did.
I deleted and redetected the usb hub.
I then decided to manually install.
I selected install from a list or specific location
I then chose Don't search I will choose the driver to install
I then unticked the show compatible hardware since this is what selects the Sony driver.
This then lets me select the standard usb host controller again.
Choose the root hub clicked next it installs and I have my original USB driver installed again.
written by Guru, September 08, 2010
After a lot of diagnostics to find the easiest possible fix. I figured out it is the sony ericsson update service, that installs a firmware driver ,creates the whole mess. I Used your uninstaller to remove anything that says sony ericsson and manually deleted the folders and registry entries. Then reinstalled the only the PC suite and it works fine.
I dont know why in the world it messes up with the bluetooth drivers though,creating a lot of entries in the device manager called "unknown device".

The Easiest thing to do is uninstall UPDATE SERVICE.
written by pedcfc68, September 16, 2010
Thanks Randommagic that worked a treat. The problem with the Sony Ericcson PC Suite is that it takes over as the default driver. I followed the steps of Randommagic and reset the standard usb hub as the default driver. No more problems
written by Eugene, November 02, 2010
Thank to randommagic, it`s really work))

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